Rihanna in love

Rihanna was experiencing a deep longing to the presence of her boyfriend, Matt Kemp. Understandably, this time with his girlfriend Rihanna was far from it.

Rihanna was in Paris, France. He felt that something was missing from him. Being the most romantic city, but he could not enjoy the romance was with his girlfriend.

"I am very happy now. Paris is amazing. I hope he comes but she has to work," said Rihanna as quoted from Showbizspy, Saturday, May 1, 2010.

Rihanna must go through the tour and shooting the video. He'll split up with her boyfriend who works as an athlete was about seven weeks. Rihanna was unable to resist the longing for his girlfriend. This famous singers eager to meet with Matt Kemp.

"I really missed him. I can not wait to meet him," Rihanna said.

'Singer' Umbrella 'had a chance to closed questions to do with Matt Kemp. Rihanna always denied when practically dating these men. But, over time, eventually ex-boyfriend Chris Brown was admitted to do with Matt Kemp. He was very happy to find love again.

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