Prayers in the understanding of the language were the prayer, and the prayer, according to the Prophet, as being related by Turmudzi, was the core of religious duties. In Al-Qur'an, the order prayed (carried out the action that was begun with takbir and was ended with greetings) always was preceded by words aqim or aqi you. Said aqima normally was translated "erected". This translation in fact more inexact. According to Al-Qurthubi in his interpretation, aqi you were taken from words qama that meant to "stand". But the words were more exact if being interpreted "continously and perfect". At means, carry out with good, devout and in accordance with his conditions. Whereas said shatat personally had three of mean.1, meant the blessing flow when his perpetrators were Allah. Secondly, meant the forgiveness request when his perpetrators were the angels. Thirdly, meant the prayer when his perpetrators were the creature, like humankind.

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